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Ocialis is part of Neovia Group, one of the leading agricultural player worldwide. Besides Ocialis, the manufacturer of grow-out feed in Asia, the different companies of Neovia group aim to bring all possible solutions to all aquaculture professionals:

  • BERNAQUA provides the highest quality hatchery diets for an optimal start of the fish and shrimp life cycle.
  • EPICORE is an historic manufacturer of probiotics designed specifically for shrimp and fish ponds as well as aquaculture feeds.
  • ACUI-T is the aquaculture engineering company of the group, helping professionals designing and implementing new facilities and improve their efficiency.
  • UPSCIENCE performs state-of-the-art analysis for the whole seafood value chain, from raw materials to fish fillets to aquaculture feeds and pond water samples.
  • INMYFARM is the farm management tool of the group, helping farmers but also technicians and sales teams better monitor farm performances and improve farming techniques.