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BIOSIPEC is an innovative way of farming shrimp in hyper intensive and high technology conditions.

The first Biosipec system was build in Nha Be, Vietnam, to develop some innovative concepts in vannamei shrimp production: new feed, high biosecurity, water treatment, aeration system, digitalization… with the different companies and activities of Neovia group.

Biosipec is based on a two-phase nursery and an intensive grow-out which allows to produce 5 cycles per year with a yield of 30 tons/ha/cycle. This system permits also to decrease the environmental impact brought by shrimp farming using a low volume of water and reducing the energy costs. Thanks to this system, we can also reduce the quantity of wastes produced by hyper-intensification.

Biosipec has, amongt other aspects, many innovative technologies:

  • A mobile water treatment to improve the biosecurity and prevention of disease outbreaks
  • A special aeration system to reduce energy cost by optimizing air production
  • a sound feeding system to decrease the Feeding Conversion Ratio

With BIOSIPEC, Neovia can show you that we can produce shrimp succesfully, differently and sustainably. 

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