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Acui-T is the aquaculture engineering company of Neovia Group, specialized in aquaculture production system design and water treatment (RAS system, oxygenation, ozone treatment).

Strong of its experience in countries such as France, Spain, Madagascar Indonesia or Vietnam, Acui-T possesses a large expertise in production systems for temperate species (trout, sturgeon…), tropical species (tilapia, shrimp…) and marine fish (barramundi, yellowtail…).

Engineers from Acui-T are ready to support famers in the improvement of their existing facilities, helping them increasing their productivity, improving their biosecurity and optimising their energy consumption. Acui-T also supports the design of a new installation such as a hatchery, nursery, RAS system or grow-out pond.

For more information about Acui-T, please visit Acui-T