Research & Development

R&D strategy



  • Ocialis has a powerful and recognized R&D department which is constituting an innovative lever and a major differentiation for the Group, and that allows it to anticipate and quickly answer to the local and global challenges of fish and shrimp sectors.
  • Ocialis has one of the most important research department of its field and has been able to establish some major partnerships with key players in the aquaculture research across the world.
  • The R&D aquaculture is organized and structured internationally: Vietnam, Brazil, France, Mexico and Indonesia. We are able to perform experimental trials and offer innovative solutions for ourselves but also for other companies. Our research fields aim various species like shrimp (vannamei and monodon), freshwater fish (tilapia, pangasius, snakehead…) and marine fish like barramundi, pompano or others from hatchery to grow-out stages.
  • Our R&D teams are made up of around 50 people for aquaculture, including experts, engineers and technicians which are highly qualified in formulation, experimental design, aquaculture technical farming. These experts are dedicated to conduct experimental procedures compliance in line with ISO quality standards.