Research & Development

Our publications

Some Ocialis R&D achievements:

  • Vietnam: optimizing feed conversion ratio and speed of prawn L. vannamei growth in farming conditions.
  • Our ambition: to meet your needs
  • France: feed development and feeding programme to optimize Rainbow trout flesh quality
  • Brazil/France:  development of a specific model for selection of raw materials.
  • Vietnam:  definition of nutritional needs for pangasius.
  • France:  development of an optimal feeding programme for carp, adaptable to the natural productivity of the pond.
  • France/USA: determination of raw material digestibility for L. vannamei prawns.
  • Vietnam: selection of the best ingredients to improve attractibility of P. monodon feed.
  • Brazil: development of winter feed for Tilapia.
  • France: growth and feed conversion ratio improvement for sea bass through feed and feeding programmes.