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Nha Be Aquaculture Research and Development center was founded on 2007 in Nha Be, south of Vietnam. The center spreads over 23 ha and consists of indoor and outdoor facilities to carry out research programs on different saline and brackish water species including L. vannamei, P. monodon, barramundi, milkfish as well as freshwater species such as tilapia, snakehead, catfish and frog… The center is also able to conduct research on the full lifecycle of L. vannamei and tilapia from hatchery to grow-out.

The experimental systems include:

  • A pilot hatchery to develop and test different hatchery feeds, probiotics and additives for vannamei post-larvae.
  • One indoor shrimp grow-out experimental set-up and one indoor fish experimental system designed for developing new feed formula, evaluating different additives and benchmarking.
  • A digestibility measurement system equipped with an auto fecal collection tool to evaluate the nutritional quality of different raw ingredients and feeds based on in-vivo nutrient digestibility and build the nutritional matrix.

Five outdoor fish experimental cage systems and three shrimp experimental cage systems to test different feed formula and additives in real farming conditions.

Figure. Indoor fish experimental tank system

Figure. Outdoor shrimp experimental cage system

Figure 9. Hatchery tank system