Quality & Sustainability

Sustainable development



For 60 years, our Group has based its development on the same values: customer confidence and the integration of our development in an economic and ecological environment.

We can only build in the long term, by participating in the development and preservation of the economic businesses we work with as well as the ecosystems where these farms are found.



In line with this philosophy, Ocialis set up the “Fish House” in Vietnam. This original concept is a specific place based in the center of the farming area, where farmers can find practical help and advices.




    • Increased consumption of seafood products:

      To respond to growing needs for protein in many developing countries or to benefit from their outstanding nutritional qualities (omega 3, vitamins, minerals…) seafood product consumption is increasing worldwide. While fishing (just like hunting, once upon a time) can no longer respond to needs.

    • Aquaculture as a source of protein

      Aquaculture is one of the most efficient means of protein production.


    • Aquaculture as a supplement to fishing

      Carnivorous fish have fish meal included in their feed, the meal is made from tiny pelagic fish not used for human consumption (from Kaushik). Most of the meal producing fisheries are managed through quotas to allow for regeneration of the resource. To contribute to this conservation one of our major research axes is to reduce this particular raw material in our feeds, with a double objective: to maintain performance in farms and finished product quality.

      Well organised aquaculture is the most ecological response to the growing needs for seafood or fish products.



Aquaculture is developing in response to the growing needs for these products worldwide. To be sustainable, it is clear that for aquaculture, like for any other human activity, development must be planned and organized taking into account the protection of the environment.

Ocialis has always worked in line with this philosophy. Our range of products, research, advice given to our partners have been developed with environmental protection in mind.



For example: work on digestibility of nutritional components means not only optimum use of feed but also a big reduction in waste.