Quality & Sustainability

Control and Traceability


Ocialis applies the rules defined by the Neovia group

Quality and food safety are two major priorities for Neovia, to be found at every level and in all areas of our activity, from the choice of suppliers and to the control of finished products, and including the extremely demanding production process, for total traceability.

  • A controlled industrial process

Each year, Neovia analyses numerous samples of raw materials and finished products. These analyses are made under the supervision of Invivo Labs, the research and analysis laboratory of the Group. Some samples are processed in the plants, in the in-plant laboratories to be found in the Group’s main industrial sites.

In the plant, each stage of the process is marked by tests made by extremely competent teams of quality coordinators. The HACCP – Hazard Analysis Control of Critical Point, for in depth analysis of the manufacturing process in situ, has been used in all Group production sites since 1997.

  • Total traceability

Product traceability is assured in each plant. Samples are taken of the finished products and these are kept for a minimum of 6 months in the sample library so as to guarantee this traceability. Extremely precise logistics have been set up to ensure optimal safety for deliveries.