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BIOSIPEC Advance: high-tech shrimp farming model suitable for intensive farms

Technical data

Stocking density 8 – 12 PL/liter
Tank volume Rectangular cement tank 30 m3
Nursery time 3 – 4 weeks
Waste control Composite biofilter tank 3 m3
Initial weight 3 mg/PL
Final weight 0.3 g/juvenile
ADM products Nursery feed, grow-out feed and probiotics.
Disease treatment Good biosecurity, active prevention, no antibiotics
FCR 1.0
Survival rate ≥ 85%
Biomass 2.1 kg/m3
  • Can be applied effectively in areas with poor water sources, including low salinity, high suspended solids and disease-prone areas.
  • Specific water treatment with ozonation and biofilter.
  • Rolling supply of healthy juveniles aready adapted to farm conditions.