About us

The team

Ocialis aims to help its professional aquaculture partners to develop their production and markets.

Our main idea is that a long term partnership can only be built through confidence and concrete results. Therefore, our organisation is based on specialisation and proximity.

Our dedicated Ocialis team is made of men and women specialized in various and complementary fields such as nutrition, farming techniques, technologies or pathology.


quoc-gia    Operation area – Asia

job    Job: Aquaculture Business Development Manager – Asia


Expert in aquaculture, Marc is in charge of the aquaculture strategy in Asia and shares his strong technical and scientific background to define the aquaculture objectives of Neovia Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in aquaculture in Asia, working on many species such as tilapia, catfish, shrimp and marine fish, Marc can work and adapt with all aqua species in any production systems.


quoc-gia    Operation area – Asia

job    Job: Aquaculture Engineer


Aquaculture engineer, Georges is working for Acui-T, Neovia’s aquaculture consulting company specialised in aquaculture production system design and water treatment (RAS system, oxygenation, ozone treatment). Strong of its experience in countries such as France, Spain, Madagascar Indonesia or Vietnam, Acui-T possesses a large expertise in production systems for temperate species (trout, sturgeon…), tropical species (tilapia, shrimp…) and marine fish (barramundi, yellowtail…). As an engineer for Acui-T, Georges can support famers in the improvement of their existing facilities, helping them increasing their productivity, improving their biosecurity and optimising their energy consumption. He can also support the design of a new installation such as a hatchery, nursery, RAS system or grow-out pond.


quoc-gia    Operation area – Asia

job    Job: Aquaculture Feed export – Asia


Sjoerd is in charge of the export of fish and shrimp feed in Asia. Providing technical support on various topics such as feeding management, diseases and water monitoring, he helps farmers improve their production and develop their markets. Sjoerd has a Master of Science with specialization in Aquaculture from the University of Wageningen (NL).