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dd-values1Our ambition is simple: improve your performances and your products quality to help you to increase your market share

Nowadays, techniques and markets evolve very fast. It is more and more difficult for an entrepreneur (farmer or distributor) to keep up to date with the latest innovations. Our mission is to accompany you and to bring you the products, techniques and services which best suit your needs.




What could be more convincing than field results ?

In aquaculture, more than in any other domaine, local conditions (water quality, temperature, type of farm etc…) have a critical impact on the farm performances. Therefore the right response to your needs can only be built with you.

“Our watchword : actions speak louder than words”.




dd-values3Throughout history, experience, culture and science have made it possible, thanks to agriculture, gastronomy, culinary arts and also biochemistry or microbiology, to improve food for mankind.

A fish farm today supplies the kind of healthy and safe products sophisticated tastes demand.

Our job is feed : feeding animals well to feed man better


Feed and farming methods influence the taste of the finished product. For many years Ocialis has been working on these aspects so we can breed animals with the same taste as those from the wild but with traceability and optimal safety.

Our research centres have made it possible to improve flesh quality in trout by validating these improvements through sensorial tests and laboratory analyses.


Apart from their taste, seafood products are recognised as being good for health. Many health authorities recommend regular consumption.

As well as supplying good quality protein, they are also one of the rare and rich sources of cardio vascular protecting omega 3 fatty acids.

Ocialis research work, traceability and quality control procedures, as well as the services offered to customers contributes to maintaining the intrinsic quality of these aquafeed products.