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OCIALIS places the performance of its customers at the heart of its strategy and designs innovative and efficient nutritional solutions adapted to the objectives of its customers.

  • Enhance fish and shrimp performance in terms of growth and feed conversion
  • Improve the stress resistance of the fish and shrimp and reduce mortality
  • Upgrade the final product marketability (fillet yield, flesh coloration…)


Full control of the production process and raw material quality.

  • All raw materials subject to rigorous selection and testing in Ocialis R&D center
  • Permanent quality controls to ensure traceability throughout manufacturing
  • Reliable & effective formulation to guarantee the nutritional values of products
  • Rigorous control of extrusion and pelleting process to ensure stable feed quality


A brand that is attentive to local requirements & supports its customers on a daily basis.

  • Our products are manufactured as close as possible to our customers’ farms.
  • Our products are designed having in mind the particular requirements of the local species or strains
  • Our technicians are very attentive to local concerns and provide technical solutions adapted to customer objectives
  • OCIALIS teams organize technical meetings with farmers on issues that are specific to local sectors