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Blue genetics

  • Blue Genetics is a unique breeding program for Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) based on the most advanced selective breeding technology using DNA based selection. Blue Genetics is committed to provide his customers and partners access to uniquely improved family lines of Litopenaeus vannamei broodstock that will enable fast growth, high level of disease resistance, full traceability and a unique environmental stewardship.
    By using industry leading techniques, exceptional teamwork and innovative genetic analysis the Company will create, directly or with local partners, world class breeding centers that apply the underlying principles of reliability, consistency, traceability and environmental responsibility.
  • Production: In Vietnam, Blue Genetics has a production capacity of one billion PL per year. These PL are produced by breeders originating from the genetic selection program in Mexico.
  • “Installations: Blue Genetic Vietnam is located in Khanh Hoa province where they have built a highly bio-secure state for the art facility to provide post larvae to the local farmers.
  • Team: In collaboration with Invivo Vietnam, partner for Post Larvae sales, they have been able to put together an exceptional experienced and motivated production and sales team that is generating the best and most consistent PL’s to the market.