About us

The team

The Ocialis team aims to help its professional aquaculture partners to develop their markets.

Taking the principal that a long term partnership cannot be built except through confidence and concrete results, our organisation responds to two criteria: specialisation and proximity.

Our dedicated Ocialis teams are made up of local men and women specialized in various and complementary fields such as nutrition, farming techniques, technologies, disease management (or pathologies), etc.



quoc-gia    operation area – Country: Vietnam

job    Job: Technical and Marketing Manager for Asian and Vietnam Aquaculture.


Expert in aquaculture, Thomas is in charge of the aquaculture marketing strategy in Vietnam and Asia and share his strong technical and scientific background to define the aquaculture objectives of Neovia Asia. He acquired professional experiences from Europe, South America, Asia and Africa with many species (tilapia, catfish, shrimp, and marine fish). So now, thanks to his 15 years experience, Thomas can work and adapt with all aqua species, in any production systems (intensive, extensive), as well traditional conditions farming as high technology like biofloc, aquaponics and Recirculated Aquaculture System.



quoc-gia    Operation area – Country: Vietnam

job    Job: Aquaculture Technical Chief in Vietnam.


Joining Neovia since 2006, Vu Nguyen Hoang is a manager of Ocialis Technical Center which specially works in all aquaculture activities of Neovia in Vietnam such as rearing technique, water quality, aquatic disease, aquaculture nutrition, aquaculture standards…

Previously, he has specially worked  on Pangasius  as seed production manager at big pangasius company and also on Tilapia as technical production manager at a famous vietnamese Company.


Mark Napulan

quoc-gia    Operation area – Country: Philippines and India

job    Job: Aquaculture Business Manager.


Mark is a dedicated aquaculture professional with vast experience in shrimp aquaculture operations employing various culture systems.

He has proven track record in aquaculture feed business development including start-up projects. He is recently in-charge of managing Neovia’s aquaculture business in the Philippines while continuing to function as interim technical development adviser for Ocialis market in India and Bangladesh.

He has delivered various technical trainings and seminar workshops for aquaculture operators worldwide including the Philippines, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Mark’s latest experimental work in R&D Center involves the manipulation of nutrient ratios to promote natural productivity (diatoms and copepods) using innovative fertilizer premix which is being continuously validated in the field.


Fauzul Mubin

quoc-gia    Operation area – Country: Indonesia

job    Job: Aquaculture Technical Manager.


Fauzul is graduated from Microbiology Department and Civil Engineering. He holds a National Certification as Quality Control Manager for Aquatic Farm and Hatchery and is a Member of Indonesian Aquaculture Society.

Over the past years, he has join several training and updates in Aquaculture Practices for fish and shrimp. Fauzul started is carreer in 2002 as Technical Service Supervisor for Aquatic Divison for a global group in feed and food business.

After 7 years, he joined to an Indonesianf feed company to become Technical Service and Hatchery Manager for a period of 5 years.

Since 2014, he has joined Neovia Indonesia as Aquatic Technical Manager.