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Neovia brand

Ocialis is part of Neovia Group.

about-brandNeovia boasts 60 years of expertise and ranks among the world leaders in the sector. Its robust economic model is based on a multi-business, multi-species and multi-region approach.

Based in 22 countries, and with export presence in over 60 countries, Neovia is organised into five geographical regions – France, Europe-Middle East-Africa, Central America, South America, and Asia – and five business lines – complete feed, service company/premix, additives, animal health, and laboratories.


    The complete feed business line designs, manufactures and sells an annual 3 million tons of feed adapted to the nutritional needs of a range of species and the production objectives of livestock professionals.



    The service-company expertise of Neovia combines the production of technical products and the supply of services to feed producers, both industrial and on-farm. The business line works in formulation, nutritional advice, zootechnical monitoring, feed program design, decision-making tools and marketing and sales support. More than 20 million tons of feed are produced every year worldwide using Neovia premixes.



    The additives and ingredients business line is one of the company’s key growth sources. It relies on the strong Neovia brand. The business line has expanded its offering with the acquisition of the Swiss company Pancosma, enabling it to become a world leader in the market.



    The animal health activity is driven by the Qalian brand. It markets three complementary ranges aimed at safeguarding and improving animal health and well-being as part of a gradual de-medicated approach to livestock rearing: health products, dietary specialities and veterinary medicines.



    InVivo Labs plays a vital role in feed quality and security through a network of laboratories in France and internationally. Conducting 1.5 million analyses a year, it possesses recognised expertise in crop production, animal feed, pet food and agri-food.



    Research and development relies on a worldwide organisation structure comprising a network of 13 applied research stations and 140 experts. It benefits from close partnerships with major private, public and academic players in France and internationally. It acts as a major innovation and differentiation driver aimed at meeting local and global objectives in animal sectors.